Fostering Skills & Talents

The School has always excelled at the Inter School Athletic Meet. Infrastructure is available to practise Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Hard Court Tennis, Throwball, Kho-Kho, Shuttle Badminton and Table Tennis. Skating, Cross Country, Field Events and Track Events are practised by students, which help them in keeping physically fit. Chess is also taught and students take part in competitions enabling them to be mentally fit. The school offers a wide range of opportunities for co-curricular activities. The students are trained for athletics, gymnastics and Mass P.T. Trained and professional personnel impart coaching in swimming, rifle shooting and the other field games.

Sports Ground

The sprawling sports ground enables all games like football, basket ball, handball, volley ball, throw ball, cricket, minor games and athletic events to be conducted for all classes. Our able Physical Trainers make the P.T Classes very interesting. The outstanding sportsmen list is given under Sports achievement. It's very important for Parents to support the children once the talent is identified.