School has a well equipped library with books of various topics. Every book is informative, attractive and interesting for our readers. Computer education is provided and compulsory to every one. A healthy body harbours a healthy mind, keeping in view a regular monthly chek up by well qualified Physician.
The well equipped and well constructed labs provide an enjoyable learning experience for the students. The lab facilities have been designed in such a way that all the children get their ample hands-on experience.
Our library is well-stacked with colossal collection of books. It encompasses the latest reference books on all subjects. The best sellers on topics like personality development and communication skills are also made available to the children. Our library contains books from diversified fields and has subscribed for many reputed journals and magazines. Well-qualified librarians and assistants are always available to help the students. The quiet and the peaceful ambience invite the children and encourage them to read more.
The school has excellent computer labs. Our students have unlimited access to computers and the professional software tools that go with them. Our teaching laboratories are equipped with Windows NT and multimedia PCs all networked to common file servers and connected to the outside world via the internet. Working in our computer labs will sharpen your analytical skills as you discover the structures underlying software, stretch your creative talents as you design new concepts, and give you the confidence to sell your ideas to a waiting world.
Transport Facility
Our transport facility provides safe conveyance for the children. The facilities are well-organized, safe and secure. The buses are comfortable and are manned by well trained and disciplined personnel with bus assistants.
The school serves fresh, nutritious, wholesome and tasty food during break time. Table manners is taught and insisted to follow and children are monitored to make sure food is not wasted.
Aesthetically Constructed Building
The school is situated in a sprawling green environment at Jalore. The buildings are aesthetically constructed and all our class rooms are spacious, well ventilated and equipped with ergonomically designed furniture. The specialty of our campus is that there are no doors for the classrooms - which convey the fact that acquiring knowledge has no limits.