Vidya Bharti International School

Message From The Desk of CEO

'Road to progress is endless and sky is the limit'. Here after a long and remarkable service in the field of education, to a large number of people in and around Jalore now, Vidya Bharti is coming with a new approach in education to nurture and shape-out our young budding generation to a perfect and responsible citizen of the nation.
Together with sound academic environment through innovative ideas and methodologies, co-curricular activities keep the school climate colorful and lively all the year round and also help a lot in improving different other bur equally important faculties in a child and make him a multifaceted personality. The school, however, aims at academic excellence, physical fitness, national integrity, to do work with scientific outlook, to take character and good moral conduct, to develop emotional, aesthetic and spiritual aspects in each and every child, to provide a fine climate where the student can unfold within and shine without naturally.
We hope the school may rise an occasion and be successful in thinking and preserving in hearts and minds of students a sense of curiosity and wonder which is prime job of educationists.
We also home that the school responds whole heartedly to realize the utmost vision of education. I.e. to inculcate right attitudes, values, mode of behavior that a country full of diversities like ours can be knitted well in a harmonious string.

"Vidhya Bharti International School is an honest effort to nurture new generation through modern education. We call upon all the stake holders to join hands to draw a powerful tomorrow."